A gathering of students from the Graduate School of Human Sciences in 2017: Monday, 24th July, 2017

Student gatherings sponsored by the Graduate School of Human Sciences was held in the wild Forest (outdoor activities Workshop) on campus at 15:00 on Monday, 24th July, 2017. Graduate students belonging to the Graduate School of Research became a caretaker, and was held by the support of Professor Akihiro Sakamoto and staff at the University of Tsukuba outdoor Pursuits and Education laboratory.

This student gathering is part of the mental health measures of the students in the Graduate school, in order to build a system that allows students to freely consult with each other beyond the boundaries of 28 majors, it is held from 2013. It was the fifth time this year, and 48 graduate students participated.

The group experience of the day and the outdoor party of the evening part deepened communication beyond the major and the research field, and a lot of smiles became an impressive gathering.