Charter of the Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences

Charter of the Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences
April 27, 2012
Operating Committee, Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences


  1. Universities, as a seat of higher education and academic research, respect academic freedom and have a social responsibility to contribute towards social growth and advancement in learning. The obligation includes nurturing promising students, creating and making use of new knowledge and technology, and inheriting and developing academic culture. The Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences (called “the school” hereafter), being a part of the University of Tsukuba that claims to be an open university, needs to be fully aware of the mission and responsibility by maintaining an appropriate standard of educational research. We also need to ceaselessly evaluate the entire organization and educational research activities to strive for its improvement and enhancement, aiming at the fusion and reinvigoration of cutting-edge knowledge with the international and interdisciplinary educational research environment in the background.
  2. This charter serves as a criterion for self-inspection and self-evaluation which are performed by the school and also serves as a basis for the performance evaluation of the academic staff which is performed by the University of Tsukuba. The charter also establishes the core mission of the school in order to improve and enhance our activities by maintaining an appropriate standard of educational research with a sense of affection, respect and collaboration among all constituent members.


(Education Philosophy and Goals)
1. Based on our founding principle, objectives and goals for the cultivation of human resources shall be clearly set.

(Admission Policy)
2. In accordance with the educational philosophy and goals, an appropriate student admission policy shall be established to ensure fair admission.

(Curriculum and Teaching Method)
3. In order to improve the effectiveness of education and accomplish a positive result, an appropriate curriculum and educational research guidance system shall be established.

4. The school shall support continued vigorous research activity with the resulting achievement delivered to society.

(Research Environment)
5. In order to stimulate research activities among academic staff, the school shall support efforts in developing an appropriate research environment through mutual collaboration.

(Student Aid)
6. The school shall provide appropriate support for students to help them develop an effective study activity and school life.

(Social Contributions)
7. In order to make a broad contribution to society, the school shall strive to connect and cooperate with society including the international community.

(Faculty Development)
8. The school shall conduct an organizational research and training (Faculty Development: FD) on curriculum objectives, educational contents, and teaching methods.

(Administrative Operations)
9. Aiming at achieving an integrated and effective educational research activity, the school shall operate autonomously and independently with members’ views taken into account.

(Inspection and Evaluation)
10. In order to maintain and raise the standard of educational research, the school shall perform constant inspection and evaluation on organizational operation and educational research and use the results to implement reform and improvement.

(Disclosure of information)
11. The school shall ensure disclosure of information about organizational operation, educational research activities, and inspection and evaluation results to demonstrate accountability to society.
Supplementary provision
This charter is effective retroactively as of April 1, 2012.