Recruiting candidates for the Japan Student support organization, graduate class scholarship, “Exemption from return due to outstanding performance in particular”

This system is for those students who obtained a Graduate Student Category 1 loan in or after 2004, and have terminated their loan during 2016, and if the Japan Student Support organization has approved outstanding accomplishments while in school, there will be a full or part exemption of the student loan. Applicants who wish to apply, details and application documents are posted on the website. So please submit it to student support room, Graduate school school affairs.

1. Applicant for exemption application (The person who corresponds to all (1)~(3))

(1) Persons who have been adopted by the Japan Student Services Organization’s first graduate school scholarship since FY 2004 and who have finished leasing (including plans) during FY2004 (regardless of whether they are enrolled).
· Expiration of the loan period (including plans)
· Withdrawal due to self-circumstances or withdrawal of loan (including plans)

(2) “Educational and research activities in the Graduate school” and “education and research activities related to the university”, etc., who have excellent results that fall under both (if only one of the achievements is not eligible for the application.)

(3) A person who has submitted a pledge of restitution (including those who have withdrawn from school or who declined to lend) will be submitted. The person must make and submit the pledge of return immediately after receipt. Even if you have been nominated as a candidate for exemption depending on the time of submission, you may not be eligible for exemption. )

2. Application documents

  1. Application for exemption of outstanding accomplishments
  2. Transcript of the Graduate School (original)
  3. Documents proving outstanding accomplishments in particular(There is no need for a copy of theses. Documents proving outstanding performance in particular)At the top right of “proof of business performance”, please fill in the performance related to the type of business performance, educational and research activities in the Graduate school, and other research activities outside the university.Entry Example No. 1-(1) and the upper right of “proof of performance”.

3. Application Form Distribution


4. Date of submission

Wednesday, 4th March,2015 must be on time

5. Where to submit

Support Office Student Support and graduate school affairs

6. Other

(1) Please note that applicants who have been loaned a scholarship for Japan scholarship from the previous fiscal year 2003 cannot apply for this system. The repayment exemption system applies to the person who has been in office for a certain period of time in the education and research position as before.

(2) It is not possible to return the submitted “documents proving outstanding Performance”. Be sure to submit a copy. You do not need to submit a copy of the dissertation itself.

(3) The following table describes the types of performance that are particularly outstanding.

December 16, 2014

Dean, University of Tsukuba

2-(1) Application Form (example) (for student distribution)

2-(1) Application for exemption of outstanding accomplishments

2-(4) Personal performance (for student distribution)

(6)-3 Exemption from the repayment of the campus selection procedure, paragraph 5, (revised on April 18, 2014) 20141209