The 2nd FD program of the Graduate School of Human Sciences on Wednesday, 29th November, 2015

◆Date&Time : Wednesday, 29th November, 2015 14 : 00~15 : 30

◆Place : D 116 Open Lecture Room, Research D Building, University of Tsukuba.

1. Effect and Purpose

This time, the theme of “toward the degree program” is the significance of introducing the degree program, the education course of the degree program, and the problem of the transition to the degree program system, etc., Vice President (in charge of education), Mr. Makoto Ito and Department of Education Deputy, Mr. Munemasa Hasome will give a lecture.

We look forward to the participation of graduate students who became the teacher and TF, and student who aspire to TF.


2. Program

Greeting: Professor Yasunori Kanaho (Dean of the graduate School of Human Sciences) 14 : 00

(1) The direction of the education reform of the University of Tsukuba.  14 : 05 ~ 14 : 30

Mr. Makoto Ito (Vice President of Education)

(2) Details of the degree program  14 : 30 ~ 15 : 00

Department of Education Deputy, Mr. Munemasa Hazome

Question and Answer  15 : 00 ~ 15 : 30


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