The Art & Design FD program in 2015 : Wednesday、4th November 2015

Date & Time : Wednesday、4th November 2015 17:00 ~ 18:15
Place : Room 5C216 University of Tsukuba

Lectures :
Mr. Shota Imai (My Navi Job Information Business division),
Mr. Hiroya Igarashi (Director, University of Tsukuba Career Center)

Lecture title : Point of preparation for job hunting, University of Tsukuba employment support

Sponsors: the Art & Design FD Committee, the Arts department, the master’s program of Arts and design, the World Heritage Course, the doctoral program of arts and design, arts and arts career support office

Contact : Katsutoshi Nonaka (Art)

Target : Master’s Program in Art and Design, Master’s Program in World Heritage Studies, Doctoral Program in Art and Design, School of Art and Design

Art Design FD Program in 2015 : Wednesday, 21st October, 2015

Date&Time : Wednesday, 21st October, 2015 16 : 45 ~ 18 : 00
Place : Room 6A208, University of Tsukuba

Lecturer : Student returning to the University of Japan, International Exchange Chairperson

Lecture title : Report of studying abroad, exchange program and scholarship

Sponsor : Art FD Committee, Art International Exchange Committee


Contact:Katsutoshi Nonaka(Art)
Target:Master’s Program in Art and Design and School of Art and Design

The 3rd FD program of the Graduate School of Human Sciences: Wednesday, 28th October, 2015

Date&Time:Wednesday, 28th October,2015   14:00 ~ 16:00

Place:D 116 Open Lecture Room, Research D Building, University of Tsukuba.

Lecture:Mr. Kiriu Minashita / A poet and a sociologist

Effect & Purpose:

This project aims at organization and institutionalization of FD which is composed of two levels of TA (Teaching Assistant) – TF (Teaching Fellow), and it is intended to practice FD activities for Fostering future type university students.

The theme of this time is “Conditions for Diversity realization”, a poet and a sociologist, Mr. Kiriu Minashita will give a lecture, and we would like to think with the participants about what is necessary for the “Time poverty” and “relationship poverty” that the gender norms bring about.

As before, we look forward to the participation of students who have become TF, students who aspire to be TF, and those who wish to participate on campus.

*Contact: Graduate School of Human Sciences, University of Tsukuba (2991)