Mental Health Lecture Session for Faculty and Staff Date: Tue. January 19, 2016.

As the tasks handled by the university faculty and its staff become increasingly sophisticated and diversified, a variety of burdens are placing the staff under greater stress, affecting their mental health. In this lecture session, Professor Yoshihiko Morotomi of Psychology at Meiji University, who is also Executive Director of the Japanese Association of Counseling Science, will speak about the mental health of the university faculty and its staff. He has been actively involved in this field for many years and is a graduate of our own university. We look forward to your active participation in this session.

Date and time: Tue. January 19, 2016 15:00–16:30
Place: Room 116, Laboratory of Advanced Research D

Speaker: Professor Yoshihiko Morotomi (School of Arts and Letters, Meiji University)
Chairperson: Professor Masashi Sugie (Counseling Service, Health Center, University of Tsukuba)

Host: Doctoral Program in Human Care Science:
Cohost: Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences

Mental Health Lecture Session

Recruiting the 3rd Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) Graduate Scholarship (Category 1, Category 2), reservation hiring for 2016.

Now we are recruiting. Scholarships will be transferred from June after the enrollment application (graduate school attendance) however in reservation hiring that decides candidates for recruitment prior to admission, it will be possible to transfer in April.

Regarding the presence or absence of implementation for each major and the timing of implementation that is posted on the following site, please apply for this opportunity if you are planning to apply for a scholarship with an entrance graduate to the major that you are conducting.


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