Long-term Study System

Some majors in the Graduate School of Human Sciences have introduced a long-term study system from the year 2014 students. For those who pass the relevant majors, we enclose the documents for the “long-term course” (* 1) If you wish to have a long-term program, please check the contents carefully, download and fill out the following form of application (* 2), and please submit to the the major department by the deadline date.

* 1: “Long-term study system” H28 4 well-known statements of long-term enrollment system for prospective students (common in graduate school)

* 2: Application form (long-term application form, long-term course plan, Proof Document application form) _h28.2.17

The 4th FD program of the Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences in 2016: Wednesday 17th Februrary, 2016

Date and Time : Wednesday 17th February, 2016   14: 00 – 16: 00
Place : D 116, Open Lecture Room, Research D Building, University of Tsukuba

1. Effect and Purpose

This project aims at organization and institutionalization of FD which is composed of two levels of TA (Teaching Assistant) – TF (Teaching Fellow), and it is intended to practice FD activities for Fostering future type university students.

We already have conducted three FD programs, lectures by outside instructors and other graduate school teachers, as well as model classes by faculty members of the Graduate school.

This time in the 4th installment of The Graduate School TF award winners, four TF graduate students will be asked to practice TF open class.

As before, we expect that the graduate students who became TF, the graduate students aiming for TF, as well as faculty members and applicants at the university.

2. Program

Speaker: Professor Kanaho Yasunori (Dean of the graduate School of Human Sciences)

(1) TF Open Lecture (14 : 00 ~ 15 : 20)

  1. Monma Takafumi (Department of Human Care Science)  14:00 ~ 14:20
    TF in community Health studies
  1. Iwayama Kaito (Sport Medicine) 14 : 20 ~ 14 : 40
    The Tsukuba Marathon to foster a strong mind and body
  1. Shiroyama Momo (Art& Design)  14 : 40 ~ 15 : 00
    Basic principles of lithograph and process of production
  1. LI Xue (World Heritage Studies) 15 : 00 ~ 15 : 20
    Construction of traditional wooden houses of the Miao and Tong tribe in Guizhou province, China

(2) Award ceremony (15:30 ~ 16:00)

Graduate School of FD Award, FD Encouragement Prize ceremony Excellence Student Award Ceremony


Contact: Administrative Office of the Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences (2991)