Long-term Study System

Regarding Long-term Study System

Some majors in the Graduate School of Human Sciences have introduced a long-term study system.

Long-term study system is to expand the learning opportunities of people who want to study while engaging in occupations, etc. If you have an offer that you would like to enroll in education course over a period of time, it is a system that allows you to take a planned course.

The applicant is a person who has difficulty completing the course within the normal period of study because of the limited number of the unit that can be acquired per year than the student who is enrolled in the regular training period by having the occupation,

And in completing the course, the students who wish to set up a course of study in advance are subject to a plan. “Regarding the handling of long-term study in the Graduate School of Human Sciences” (* 1), if you are a student who is a member of this program and you would like to apply for this system, please contact your supervisor and ask for your request.

To apply, please download the application form (* 2) and use it.

* 1: Handling of long-term study in the Graduate School of Human Sciences

* 2: Application form (long-term study system Form, long-term study system Plan, attaching Documents Form)