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令和4年度人間総合科学学術院・研究科第4回FDプログラムの動画配信について/Information of the 4th FD Program 2023 (February 22 to March 3) of Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences

日  :令和5年2月22日(水)14:00 ~ 3月3日(金)16:00


趣 旨本企画は、TA(Teaching Assistant)-TF(Teaching Fellow) の2つのレベルから構成されるFDの組織化・制度化を指向し、未来型の大学人育成のためのFD活動を実践しようとするものです。




◆挨 拶:新井 哲明 人間総合科学学術院長・研究科長





その3「How to build social participation in World Heritage?~Hints from the Qhapaq Ñan Project in Peru~」 Uribe Chinen Claudia Hatsumi(世界遺産学学位プログラム)







問合せ* 筑波大学人間総合科学学術院・研究科運営担当(電話:029-853-2991/2996

Period:February 22, (Wednesday) 14:00 to March 3, (Friday) 16:00

Access method:On-demand delivery via the learning management system (manaba)
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1.Aim and purpose

This project is oriented toward the organization and institutionalization of FD consisting of two levels, TA (Teaching Assistant)-TF (Teaching Fellow), and seeks to implement FD activities for the development of future university personnel.

Three FD programs have already been held, including model classes and lectures by faculty members of the Academy and Graduate School

In this fourth edition, the degree P "Presentation", winner of the FD Grand Prize, and the three TF Excellence Awards graduate students will each practice their "TF Open Class".

As in the past, we expect a wide range of participation from graduate students who have become TFs or aspire to become TFs, as well as faculty, various researchers, and others.

2. Program Contents
Facilitator: Tetsuaki Arai (Executive Dean, Graduate School of Comprehensive Human sciences)

(1)TF Open Class

lecture1.  Akira Asayama (Doctoral Program in Psychology) “Future thinking and academic motivation”

lecture2. Hiromu Murai(Doctoral Program in Art) “How to Make a Good Research Presentation of Western Art History”

lecture3.  Uribe Chinen Claudia Hatsumi (Doctoral Program in Heritage Studies) “How to build social participation in World Heritage?~Hints from the Qhapaq Ñan Project in Peru~

(2)FD Grand prize Presentation

Master’s Program in Design

(3)Award Ceremony

TF Outstanding Student Award Ceremony

Graduate School FD Award, FD Encouragement Award Ceremony

Graduate School Special Award

Inquiry: Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences, University of Tsukuba

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