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日時:2024年4月11日(木) 13:30~14:30 終了後、質疑・個別相談

場所:第三エリア 3A 204




◆ Data Science Expert Program (DSEP) Course Enrollment Orientation: 4/11(Thu)


Data Science Expert Program (DSEP)/DSEP+ provides a certificate of completion to students who meet specific criteria, and encourages research activities and thesis writing through interdisciplinary research while sharing, collaborating, and co-creating data with research institutions, companies, and local governments in Japan and overseas.

The program aims to nurture doctoral talents endowed with specialized data analysis skills and the practical ability to propose data-driven solutions.

At this session, we will provide an overview of DSEP/DSEP+, curriculum and course requirements, subjects offered, educational support, and off-campus collaborative activities with companies, etc.

Individual consultations will be available after the event.

We look forward to your participation.


For more information on DSEP/DSEP+, click here.


Date & Time: April 11, 2024 (Thursday) 13:30-14:30, followed by Q&A and individual consultations

Location: Area 3, 3A 204

Application: Please click here to apply.

Same-day registration is also available.

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