Long-Term Credit Course

Some of the courses at the Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences are long-term credit courses.

It is a system designed to provide greater options for learning for those who are willing to study while working. Students in this course can take credits in a planned manner if they request to take courses for a certain period of time that exceeds the standard term of study and their requests are approved.

Students who are accepted for the courses that have a long-term credit option will receive the document, “Information about the Long-Term Credit Course System” (*1) with other admissions-related documents. If you wish to request this long-term option, please read this document carefully, download and fill out the application documents (*2), and submit them to the relevant courses before the deadline. (Excluding sports studies)

*1: “Information about the Long-Term Credit Course System” April 2017: Announcement to prospective students (for all graduate schools)

*2: Application documents (Request for a Long-Term Credit Course, Long-Term Plans, Form to attach documents of proof, Application Form for Long-Term Credit Course) due February 17, 2017