Recruiting the 3rd Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) Graduate Scholarship (Category 1, Category 2), reservation hiring for 2017.

Scholarships will be transferred from June after the enrollment application (graduate school attendance) however in reservation hiring that decides candidates for recruitment prior to admission, it will be possible to transfer in April.
Also, as the scholarship loan is decided at an early stage, there is an advantage such as being able to go on to study abruptly.

It is posted on the following site about the presence or absence of implementation for each major and the timing of implementation, please apply for this opportunity if you are planning to apply for a scholarship with an entrance graduate to the major that you are conducting(For those who have not completed the Graduate school entrance examinations by the time of the third recruitment deadline, applicants who wish to enroll in the major)  (Link to our website)

Also, as for the Letter of recommendation by supervisor, there is a printed copy attached in the distribute document. You can also use the files linked to this page when a supervisor creates a letter by typing.

However, the supervisor’s autograph signature and seal is necessary

Please pay special attention in case of applying in the classification of combined loan (2 copies to be submitted)

Form: suisenshoken_h29

Contact: Student Support Room of the Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences
※Support Room is divided according to the major of the university. (Refer to the above website)